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Humongous Cocks #12
Humongous Cocks #12
Ron Jeremy Dong
Ron Jeremy Dong
Mick Lovell Dildo
Mick Lovell Dildo
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John Mellancamp - Ain't even done with the night
Sponsor: Riva Records | Posted by: Mike
This song, "Ain't Even Done with the Night", is one of my all-time favorite songs, ever. That romantic, relaxed mandolin and that pulsing and punchy groove makes it perfect for a steamy summer Saturday distant drive... In the video, I always had "a thing" for that guy in the glasses. A blogger called him "creepy", but I think he oozes that sexy "eat me" look.

Just recently I decided to google the guy up an find out who he is. And boy, did I learn... I must have been living under a rock for a while, because as it turns out, the guy in question is none other than Eric Franklin Rosser -- or Doc Rosser, as he was known while in Mellancamp's band -- a man who was once on the FBI's most top wanted list. Seems the guy had a thing for little kids and ended up moving to Thailand some time in the '80s, where he apparently opened a music school and molested more kids, including his own niece.

Sad, just sad.

Today, Rosser is locked up in North Carolina's FCI Butner Low prison facility ... more

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